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Past Exhibitions

Sep 10 2015


Lula Motra  
Drawing, painting, embroidery, installation.  
10 September 2015 to 29 October 2015 

Reception: Thursday 10 September, 2015, 4pm to 8pm

Press release

“Wonder”: This is the second solo exhibition of Lula Motra at RKG, with installation, drawings, embroidery, and sculptures.
Notable works include:

"White Hole"
"Black Hole"
"Golden Line"

"Genesis" Long, light floating veils are tattooed with embroideries, one part suggesting spermatozoa and the other, ova.

"White Hole", meant to be everything we see and know: An empty white gown lies with shoulders and back on the floor, skirt and hem suspended in the air. Rolling loose on the floor, small beads of different sizes and colours - imaginary thoughts. Orderly threaded coloured beads trace undefined forms. Visual cues of beads are open invitations to anything experienced firsthand, suggesting familiarity. The gallery itself and its contents become part of the White Hole. This is a study of the recognition of every tangible in our world and day-to-day life as a part of the White Hole.

"Black Hole", meant as a reference to everything we don't see and don’t know: An empty oversized tailored pair of blue tights and shrouded blue forms evoke the Black Hole.

"Golden Line" Feeding out from a large pool, the Golden Line acts as a link from the White Hole to the Black, at one point collecting and building on a large web.

Lula Motra’s artwork derives from her openness to the multifaceted field of traditional embroidery. Lula's drawings and embroideries are like diaries of her state of being, records of her inner journey. Motra’s art is a quest, sustained, dedicated, unassuming.

“Wonder” becomes tangible to this eclectic state of being, open to interpretation.