Jason Trucco: Framed

23 May – 22 June 2013

Reception: Saturday 25 May, 4-8pm

We at Robert Kananaj Gallery are honored to present solo exhibition Framed by Jason Trucco.

"It is the framework which changes with each new technology and not just the picture within the frame." 
Marshall McLuhan

This exhibition features new works that address the idea of the 
frame, by re-purposing and re-creating classic moments of cinema or 
constructing film like scenarios. They are characterized by Trucco's 
ongoing endeavor to describe the shadowy world of video through the 
lens of his classically stark, noir aesthetic. Like many of the 
classic film directors he references, from Stroheim to Hitchcock to 
Kubrick, Trucco pares his images down with a severe discipline that 
allows their inchoate and dangerous underpinnings to surface in new 
and alarming ways. 

Jason Trucco is an artist and director whose highly experimental work 
explores many of the images, ideas and experiences we collectively 
share as consumers of mass media. For Trucco, these images are a point 
of departure from which to explore the deeper resonances, distortions 
and fragmentation that occur as they are broadcast and reiterated 
throughout our culture. He explores variations on these themes in a 
singularly disarming, lucid and witty style, complimented by the use 
of inventive new technology.