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Silvia Argiolas

Proud are we to have Silvia Argiolas joining the Robert Kananaj Gallery as our new addition.
Silvia seems to be witnessed by her very own art. Unpredictable within her painting is Silvia - Life like .
The most amazing aspect of her work is a very exotic sense of graphic, with raw balance, as a pure spring of privacy. As you look at Silvia's paintings - like drawings, loaded with that unpredictable quality of life, always suggestive and casual, her painting are done seamlessly as life lived first hand spontaneously. 
Silvia Argiolas born in Cagliari in 1977. Lives and works in Milan.
Studed at Art School State Cagliari “Foisio Fois”. Exhibited from the start, with a show, titled; 
Man Of Nuoro Cruel Tales by Roberta Vanali 2006 in the Museum of Cagliari. 
Also, in 2006, a finalist for the Celeste Prize. 
Silvia and her artwork becomes focus of the critic Ivan Quaroni who invites her to various exhibitions in Milan.
In 2008 she participated in the public arrivals and departures of 
the Mole Vanvitelliana of Ancona, curated by Alberto Fiz and Walter Gasperoni. In the same year she participated in the barracks Alarms 4 De Cristofori in Como. In 2007 she was included in the book Italy Laboratory of Ivan Quaroni, published by Johan & Levi edit. In the same year participated at the Biennale of Young Serrone Villa Reale in Monza. 2008 Wars or Word? Fondazione Bartoli Felter Lazzareto /Cagliari/ Alessandra Menesini 
In 2010 exhibited at Antonio Colombo Contemporary Artin Milan with a mini solo exhibition entitled "I and I. 
Exhibited at the Foundation Durini Installation: Rainbrow wrong
In 2011 she exhibited in Scope Art Show (NY) with the gallery Area B.
Also in 2011 she exhibited at the Venice Biennale pavilion Sardinia, Italy / Vittorio Sgarbi
Exhibited in the gallery Antonio Colombo with the exhibition the season of the witch.
In 2012 she exhibited at the gallery D406 with the SHOW "notreally you are so bad"
In 2012 she exhibited in Forte dei Marmi with the exhibition Italian Newbrow Bad Company
Also in 2012 she exhibited at the Biennale Italy / China by Sandro Orlandi, Mian Bu, Ivan Quaroni, Wang Chunchen.
Finalist Award Terna/04
2013 Silvia Argiolas, Fiona Smyth, Robert Kananaj Gallery, Toronto.