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Artist Details

Robert Kananaj

Drawing and Sculpture

Robert Kananaj has formal traditional education as a sculptor, with twenty-five years in exploring different mediums, both in drawing and sculpture. For the last ten years Robert has used the tradition embedded in figurative rendering to evoke, with commitment and discipline, the experience of intensity through obsessive mark-making as Line of Life. This exhibition derives from three different parts of a body of work created in the last seven years. First, the body parts drawings. Second, a series of 8.5x11 drawings and large sculptures. And third, drawings with circles and mixed media sculptures.

Time, Line, Life - as energy intensly recorded visually.
The work is meditative, contemplative of compassion and wisdom. Ephemeral innocence aims to become tangible. Similarity is seen between the endless breathing and the thread of endless line of ink drawings, between everyday footsteps and the woven sculptures of plastic strapping. The line is used fanatically as Line of Life: life of an experience, of an event, a thought, a person, drawing or sculpture, built from scratch, making the reference point an endless journey.