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Paul Roorda

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For immediate release:
We at Robert Kananaj Gallery welcome Paul Roorda with his first solo exhibition - Rising Time.

Floods and climate change are the subject of the quirky and disturbing kinetic sculptures in Paul Roorda's exhibition. Weather recording devices gradually unwind, a mechanical bird wing flaps unexpectedly, a butterfly is tied to a barometer and a vintage lifejacket is knotted to an anchor... all while hundreds of paper lifeboats float across the floor against a glaciel wave of newspapers.
We daily look to the sky for a hint of the future, consult weather reports like an oracle and check machines like tools of some diviner of clouds. Yet along with this anxious obsession with sun, sky, flood and storm is a conspiracy of doubt where data meets disbelief, fact is falsified, and history is destined to be transformed with each repetition. The distorted nostalgia, altered photography and impenetrable documentation of this exhibition unravel our confidence in knowing
the future. We aren’t sure whether to worry about standing knee-deep in water or burning our feet on hot parched earth. And the magnitude of this anxiety is equaled only by the paralysis with which we face it. The persistent ticking and gradual unwinding of the mechanical devices in the show create a sense of this apprehension. At the same time, they
test the viewer’s patience with events that take hours or days to occur, if anything happens at all.

Paul Roorda transforms found materials to create mixed-media art, sculpture, and installations that examine the elastic nature of truth and the relationship between religion, science, and environmentalism. He has received numerous grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council and has exhibited in public art galleries as well as academic and religious institutions in Canada and internationally. His work is found in numerous collections including the Donovan Collection at the University of Toronto. Paul Roorda was the Artist in Residence for the City of Kitchener,

Ontario, in 2007 and completed a residency at GlogauAIR in Berlin in 2012. He has also been the subject of an episode of “The Artist’s Life”, a popular artist profile series which aired on Bravo TV.

Rising Time at Robert Kananaj Gallery Exhibition runs from June 26 to July 24, 2012


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