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Artist Details

Andrea Fiorino

My work is to tell stories that fascinate me and that I would want to live. To do this I make use of certain recurrent images that I consider particularly mine. I try to communicate static situations, suspended, ambiguous, in which the figures and the environment coexist. I try to unite to the image an instinctive chromatic sensibility, adding elements a few at time and layering them. The figures represented are often naked and melancholy, sunk in the sadness of lost beings in a world that neither you nor they recognize. They hang suspended, as if without gravity, covered in symbols and leaves, branches and clouds and sea. Their gaze is averted, as if they felt spied upon by unfriendly eyes. The titles of the works and the names of the series are for me fundamental, and they often contain the meaning of "my" reality and of what I represent. The papers and the canvases are self-referential and autobiographic. I try to see and to remember as child, and like a child I paint with the fingers. Imagining a history now lost, I try to leave some trace of the childish aspect that I see within me.The support becomes my skin.