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Jun 1 2020

"Kittens, Ice Cream, Life and Death"

"Kittens, Ice Cream, Life and Death"
Silvia Argiolas
Painting and drawing
4 June - 25 July, 2020
PRESS RELEASE - for immediate release
For the title I thought: "kittens, ice cream, life and death".
The topics covered will be superficiality and interiority... 
We as a human race are facing an unprecedented situation with life and death.  Our history is anchored in these two pillars, but for whatever reason, things get melodramatic as we go. "New normal" is a continuous stream synonymous with Silvia Argiolas' practice. 
We are a social body, and getting sick. Our oneness rings as a bell. Silvia Argiolas has been ringing that bell throughout her own life, and that ring sounds relevant to us all in this particular time.
Silvia doesn't sugar-coat her living relationship with physical and metaphysical existence. She brings it on - tangible, visceral, not for comfort, first-hand experienced conversation with the reality of self: Bring Silvia closer to ourselves resounds through the experience we all share as a society within the Covid-19 pandemic.
Empathy, compassion, and perseverance prevail in no preconceived ways with the sense of all-conquering love. We brought this show to give voice to the mute zone of our comfort-seeking selves, either conceptually or aesthetically structuring our own social civil lives to address healing and living and sharing.  
We see ourselves in her work. Living with the element of immediacy, resonates with Silvia's visceral take on reality embedded in her art.  Relating to Silvia's experience via art helps us cope with this pandemic.
Silvia Argiolas lives and works in Milan, which was the centre of Italy's recent pandemic lockdown. This is her third solo exhibition with Robert Kananaj Gallery.
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