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Past Exhibitions

Oct 13 2016

Tribute "Art Fair" RKG 2016

Tribute "Art Fair" RKG 2016

October 13 to November 5, 2016
Reception: Thursday 13 October, 2016, 4-7pm

Tribute "Art Fair" RKG 2016 is a big stage for artists Francesco Albano, Daniel Segrove, Oscar Figueroa, Randall Okita, Michael Davey, Bruce Eves, Stevie Ellis, Silvia Argiolas, Silvia Mei, exhibiting together at the gallery.
Featured along with the RKG residency project by Raul Altosaar and Marvin Luvualu Antonio, "Every Day Is A Lifetime", is a new short video "Scripture" by Istvan Kantor AKA Monty Cantsin Amen.

Istvan Kantor’s SCRIPTURE 

SCRIPTURE tells about Istvan Kantor’s idealized revolutionary vision through a dark, hypnotic and ironic pulp fiction. The two protagonists of Kantor’s feature-like short video are a couple of humanoid scibot slaves. Their unusual encounter takes place in a hidden corner of devastation where piles of leftover cocaine and cans of cherry flavored cyanide are the remainders of a final doomsday. Their sensory system and modus operandi are equally damaged. They collect and reprocess information found in detritus. While the main subject of the video is Kantor’s lifelong passion for revolution, SCRIPTURE is also a sardonic sketch of today’s technological society. Kantor staged the low-budget guerilla-style production at a demolition site in Toronto, capturing it within a late afternoon after the workers had left.

SCRIPTURE: "An unusual encounter between a couple of humanoid scibot slaves whose sensory system and modus operandi are equally damaged." 

cinematography Jake Chirico 

directed / produced by Istvan Kantor 

performers Lacey Creighton and Istvan Kantor 

Implant Media 2016 Toronto 

production stills Dean Goodwin

Robert Kananaj Gallery is looking great with this amazing work of twelve great participating artists. Acknowledgment; Clint Roenisch Gallery appears courtesy of Marvin Luvualu Antonio.


Every Day Is A Life Time - Part II

Marvin Luvualu Antonio

Raul Altosaar

The initial project displayed outdoors, has been reconfigured and moved inside the gallery, now exhibition is extended.

Robert Kananaj Gallery is thrilled with the response to the “Every Day Is A Lifetime”: This initial residency project by Raul Altosaar immediately felt the presence, from the moment when Marvin Luvualu Antonio stepped into the collaboration. Both these artists have opened an unprecedented path to their own yet combined potential. 
Sky and earth signal a dialogue of their own to every one. The month-long residency included painting, filming, and performance art. The artists’ invitation concludes with whatever we are, by being open, being ourselves, vulnerable and curious. Every thing is a starting point. Raul’s and Marvin’s multimedia project and installation is a spring of desire to witness oneself.

Artists’s statement:

War is coming. Written on every face and object, it appears imminent. We are not afraid because together we will withstand. Side by side, moving swiftly through stagnant cityscapes, a more hospitable world can be constructed. The stronger the love, the more bodies can be held together indefinitely. Encouraged vulnerability and physical proximity softens walls and quickly, vision is regained. I see you, you feel me caring for us. Commitment to and embodiment of the present moment involves the destruction of shields and illusions. Here, there is no safety in language. You become transparent: we see you. Drawing upon our collective energies, we manifest, shape and build. We are love and we are openly moving through the vast number of worlds that populate the shifting landscapes of our days. Every day is a lifetime. The only step is the first step and this is just the beginning. Are you willing to do the work?

in partnership with Robert Kananaj Gallery