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Past Exhibitions

May 9 2014

Garbage Heaven

Constans, Oscar Figueroa & Robert Kananaj

Garbage Heaven

9 May 2014 to 29 June 2014

Reception: Friday 9 May 2014, 5-9

Press Release

The project, Garbage Heaven has been a year in the making by Robert Kananaj, and continues to  be an ongoing project. It was strategically chosen to be the last show  at our existing location, before we move to our new space with Robert Kananaj Gallery. An enormous amount of discarded items of selective varieties were collected for the purpose of this  series . Upstairs with pill bottles forms a landfill of emptiness. An umbilical cord, also made of bottles, bridges the field of containers to the belly of a vacant suit, suspended under of roof of numerous jarring signs. The basement is a vital component, suggesting the future of the series still in progress. It is more empty pill bottles, complemented by the chaotic part of the basement; where bottles are collected, to be added as a work in process installation. The show, Garbage Heaven, reveals the reality that everything has the inevitability to become ether garbage, or heaven, and be either one at any given time. All things being at all times where they are, for each of us to see.

Constans' labour-intense body of work held over from the exhibition Cluster “Obiter dictum” becomes  part of the exhibition.

Oscar Figueroa, with his flexible, wide interests to choose medium, material, brings the real garbage to the artificial stage. In addition Oscar writes about this exhibition: The garbage environment is born with us, and the debris falls off of us. The grey area must be shown, we cannot bury everything. The dead is relived, the wasteland is not a separate place. Live in peace with everything that is garbage, because it is our past, our history, our future, our children. Garbage is a part of all beings, our garbage is ourselves, and we transform it into beauty, into something precious. Recycling old ideas into new ideas