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Past Exhibitions

Oct 24 2013

A Journey to Belong - Part 2

24 October 2013 to 23 November 2013

Reception: Thursday 24 October 2013, 4pm - 8pm

Installation view

Part 1 - “A Journey to Belong” is conceived in two parts, first with Lula Motra.

This is the first solo art exhibition of Lula Motra with drawings embroidery, and sculptures at RKG. 
Lula is total outsider, with no formal training in arts. First started with drawings, three years ago, 
then embroidery, now sculpture. Lula Motra’s artwork derives from her openness early on to multifaceted
filed of traditional embroidery. The discipline, skill, and persistence embark on endless journey with 
hints leading to unparalleled art practice. Lula's drawings and embroideries are like diaries of her state 
of being, record of inner journey of unwavering commitment to rendering. Her art is endless quest, 
triggered and maintained by her unassuming stand within making statements for the art world at large.
Her dedication and persistence to mediate significance out of no where, bridging with her artworks the
vibe of Lombardy and Veneto, Italy.

Part 2 - “A Journey to Belong” follows with Torsten Richter, Hollis Alexis Baptiste, and Luca Reffo 

Torsten Richter is a German artist committed to mastering the drawing. Torsten's object-drawings are 
of real size objects which transcend. Attention given to everyday objects such as scythe, pitchfork or old
wooden board, objects which assert themselves more by the sacred presence. The focal point is drawing
the object on a white surface, a sheet of paper, calling attention to simple functionality of the device with 
amazing sensual properties. The insignificant becomes significant in Richter’s drawings. 
The desire in rendering drawing is as aiming to reach time rendered to the real objects. High skill 
and driving force of meditative journey to belong is Torsten's contemplative state of being. 
Torsten’s drawings witnessed by the viewer, are "A Journey to Belong" "The unheard is contained in every thing" - Torsten Richter- " Das Unerhörte ist in allem enthalten."

Hollis Alexis Baptiste is a Toronto based artist. For more than 15 years Hollis is in a journey which adopts 
objects of no significance, like plastic bottles or unusual shaped/formed objects to enter to Hollis’ 
system of observation, and soon after to become part of a structure or a statement revealing his 
State of being. Hollis fun part of his perception, and the drive to belong, channels concerning artist
to motivated utopia.

Luca Reffo is Italian, an artist based in Milan. Exceptionally skilled artist with keen eye to state
of witnessing, and exploring subjects of his paintings with attention to situations and state of fictitious 
being. A restless wonderer for significance. Thin layer of paint, either oil or watercolour, demonstrating 
certainty and deliberateness for the subject and frailty of the moment captured in artwork.

Installation view