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Past Exhibitions

Apr 18 2013


Press Release

The theme of this group show departs from Stefan Thompson's embraceing earth.  Stefan's houses rise as a statement for the ground, sculptural drawing formed from natural materials gathered in the surrounding woods and fields. This ongoing project on abandoned farmland near Ottawa is becoming the Zen environment where we find the "UP" of this exhibition. Stefan has documented the progress of this project, in a series of images which are casual socializing of its own presence within the private intimate settings.

Juan Carlos Noria has been moved in significant way by moving from Ottawa to Barcelona since 2004.  A particular moment - a statement, different locations; Juan's choreographic response to life, nature, earth, house, institution, economic and social dynamics - Face Down. Social awareness, activism in commentary make Juan's face down figures receptor of the image's content.

Conceptual and video artist Jason Trucco recent visit from Los Angeles to his childhood native Toronto, prompted his new interactive video installation "Sorry" which summarizes Jason's impression of local cultural norms:  the instinctive Canadian response to possible confrontation or conflict. Space between, in or out, noted by "Sorry"

Badanna Zack's sculpture "Now" is to be a floor to ceiling, growing wall, installation, within the duration of the exhibition, built of discarded copies of newsmagazines, specifically a local weekly publication with a strong social activist bent devoted to current political and cultural events.  As each new issue comes out, the previous week's remainders become new layers in a rising barricade.

Badana and her Now Magazine wall

installation view