RKG Fourth Anniversary
July 16 to August 29, 2015  
Sculpture, painting, drawing, photogrphy, installation.

Reception: Thursday 16 July, 2015, 5pm to 8pm
The fourth year is like the fourth season, completing the gallery’s cycle. A landmark year in the gallery’s journey. The openness and the unpredictability are our gallery’s vital signs. We have embraced from the beginning the outsider within. We are well aware that when we achieve individually or collectively at our gallery, keeping up and furthering our journey without compromising outsider status, is a must.

RKG has opened itself once again to a dialogue worthy of attention to local artists and beyond. For the first time are exhibiting at our gallery artists like Bruce Eves and Michael Davey.

In the words of Bruce Eves: “Even though it is virtually indefinable, this much I know for certain: necks are meant for sticking out, envelopes are meant for pushing; art is not suitable for family viewing nor must it be emotionally uplifting; art must refuse to kowtow to the limitlessdemands for the familiar and the safe and the conventional and the decorative; art has nothing to do with social work or political stability or with the ending of negative stereotypes – these are the jobs for propagandists.” After fully moving to digital media in 2000, Eves has established a presence internationally through his participation in New Media events and festivals in Argentina, Brazil, Britain, Canada, Cuba, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, and Venezuela. In 2001 he returned to Canada after living abroad for many years. Bruce Eves is a Toronto-based artist.