Realistic Abstraction

1 - 17 February, 2018 
Reception: Thursday 1 February, 2018, 5-8pm

Group exhibition: Oscar Figueroa, Johan Wahlstrom, Andre C. Pifaro, Kee Ip, Bruce Eves, Michael Davey, Francesco Albano, Silvia Argiolas, Silvia Mei, Gon Bregu, Daniel Segrove, Lula Motra
RKG is pleased to announce "Realistic Abstraction", a group exhibition of new and familiar visions in various media. Representational-conceptual, geometric-minimalist, gestural-abstraction bear most of the weight.

This show is a discourse between realism and abstraction, how they are interchangeable. But of course, the variation in how realism is abstract and how abstract is realism, is in consideration of elements attended to in one's path, as pure glimpses of work rooted in realism via abstraction.

Oscar Figueroa makes tangible the moment witnessed; glimpse of an urge like birth. Animated by artwork that is the frozen cut-out of movement or literal existence, Figueroa's attendance at these moments goes beyond realism, suggests "hyperrealistic conceptual". 

This tendency of Oscar Figueroa's work invites abstraction to the show: The gestural abstraction of Johan Wahlstrom and fluid constructive abstraction of Andre C. Pifaro, which have narrative as a starting or landing point; Kee Ip's geometry and mathematics form the rational thread of the show, creating its discourse of realistic abstraction.

Bruce Eves' empty album is loaded with messages and visuals. This is a spring connected with the heartbeat of his own life. Eves brings references from past and present that have a timeless hint of experience.

Michael Davey's sculptures reference the particular, where the distilled result has a strong impact. Likewise Francesco Albano’s sculptures mould his feelings and interpretations of tangible objects. Daniel Segrove's paintings, with their highly driven rendering, evoke ambiguity. 

Lula Motra is relentlessly vulnerable in medium and subject, having no aim but to embrace. The otherworldly energy of Silvia Mei morphs itself into painting. Silvia Argiolas' raw textured paintings reveal a pagan anxiety of today. Gon Bregu's openness roots with awareness to the test of painting.