Over Sea Reality

Agron (Gon) Bregu


17 Nov - 15 Dec, 2018

Reception: Saturday, 17 November 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.

PRESS RELEASE - for immediate release

"Over Sea Reality" is an exhibition of new work by Agron (Gon) Bregu.  Bregu's approach keeps alive an individual low-key significance within the larger scale of overwhelming and oppressive change in society, as in the natural world. Observing nature and society informs the artist's personal take on a life of painting.

In this body of work is a predominantly grey palette. The red stripes in the two paintings of the American flag stand out in contrast. In both paintings the same flag is buffeted by hurricane winds, first intact, then torn and tattered, suggesting the convention of a flag as the symbol that carries on, uplifting the spirit of its people, of a country - in this case, America. 

Gon Bregu is reflecting upon a personal point of view. The individual's social order is in upheaval, like an individual in a hurricane. The bravery and endurance of the individual in surviving both natural and manmade disasters, tend to be overlooked. The low-key human qualities which make it in these extreme conditions, compare with the nature of Gon's  painting.