“Nested Heartbeat” comforts the unpredictable animal instinct of care and talent. The “Nest” has roots in early nineties with Juan Carlos Noria, which becomes a prominent figure, protesting and releasing instant messages of disobedience towards anything limiting the freedom of expression to street art, catching the attention of young artists at the time. Stefan Thompson’s social enlightenment and environmentally friendly tuning started in Ottawa at the time of Juan’s mini movement. Jordan Seal discovered his roots of meaning and purpose linked to art, when he came across and met for the first time with Stefan Thompson in 2010. Utopia and purity within the process of artmaking entertain the notion of individual revolution for Jordan, as he observed in Stefan, as Stefan did earlier through Juan. With Wing Yee Tong the “nest” is extending the comfort of the heartbeat. Her large, contemplative sculptures as state-of-mind, are steam-gathering meditation, mood setting of social alertness and endurance. In the context of Nested Heartbeat. Jason Trucco adapts the "nest" with multi-media piece "Going For Broker",  meaningful in several ways. Firstly, as a moving picture wherein the broker lives and breathes within the canvas. This calls attention to the subject's heartbeat, the rhythm that animates human life, nested inside each of us. Even an investment broker. Secondly, Going For Broker is a work in a new medium, with its subject's mood and gesture driven by real time stock market data updated by Internet every thirty seconds. As such it uses a defined heartbeat that pulses at regular intervals to take a measure of how billions of investors are feeling, a global heartbeat, at any given moment during the trading day and it translates this data to affect the emotions of the figure. This shows how some things, so vast that they can't be seen or even touched, can be measured in ticker-tape and felt by the human heart.