"Local Light"
Robert Kananaj
Installation, sculpture
Nov 2020 - May 2021

Artist's statement
Physicality is an omnipresent element in our lives.
We all create social networks: Physically we create cities, families, societies, groups, 
and in that way we extend our individual context of physicality.

As there came to be a conversation about arresting the pandemic, it highlighted our social map and network; our individual restrictions pointing to our own family, our own small community encouraged to socialize as little as possible. To break the chain of transmission within the very fabric of our own making,  we have had to restrict each others' physical socializing. 

When faced with readymade objects, we each have our own individual take, subjective as is each of us.
Local Light Project is made of several main projects: "Social Commentary", "Melting Pot Society", "Global Globe", "Archeology of Now", "Social Cemetery", and more.
I started the projects more than two years ago by locally collecting empty pots. The cooking pots are put in a long line, like an immigration line, leading to an area where they create a cluster, piled on top of each other, a reference to the melting pot society that we have become. Many people from around the world, of different countries and nationalities, have gathered and created many neighbourhoods in one place, in one city. Toronto is truly a Melting Pot.