Mar 7 2017


Exhibition extended to 1 April, 2017
The exhibition is a little shocking, a little prescient, a little sexy, a little snotty, a little surly, but smart, with a couple of jokes . . . and Elizabeth Taylor. It includes a newly discovered, never exhibited work of cultural criticism from 1976, and related archival documents.
According to Renaldo Arenas, the Furies were the only goddesses that should inspire us. This exhibition is, from my perspective, a pared down retrospective of works from the past decade or so, with a nod to the distant past and a nervous glance toward what may likely occur. Torture, self-loathing, political revolt, contrarian dissent, psychological trauma, terrorism and other trendy topics are cherry-picked at will from mutually exclusive sources – the morning headlines, the official record of 20th cen-tury art, the signs and signifiers of the gay male underground, as well as plumbing the well of my own internal zeitgeist. By positioning myself as an ironic spectator, this has allowed me to explore the spaces between these charged relationships. Renaldo’s outlook is evident throughout.