First Anniversary

July 26 - September 1 / reception Sat 28 July 4 - 8 pm

Featuring artists Jordan Seal and Sibylle Schwarz, along with Clara Bacou, Stephan Berg, Claude Breeze, Gon Bregu, Napoleon Brousseau, Matthew Green, Karen Grosman, Robert Kananaj, Ivana Kalezic, Lula Motra, Juan Carlos Noria, Mike Parsons, David Van Drunen, Luca Reffo, Mikel Temo, Stefan Thompson, Szonja Vucsetics, and Wing Yee Tong

The Robert Kananaj Gallery is proud to celebrate its one-year anniversary with an exhibition featuring an exciting range of work from both new artists and those represented by the gallery. This exhibit promotes the diverse scope of the gallery and its fusion of Canadian and International artists.

The focus of the exhibition will be the works of Sibylle Schwarz and Jordan Seal, who are exhibiting at the Robert Kananaj Gallery for the first time. Sibylle Schwarz works with different media, including watercolors, ink, and embroidery on paper, to create delicate yet powerful abstractions of the human form and condition. Sibylle contrasts blocks of vibrant colour with dark lines to explore representations of people and society. Jordan Seal, within his genuinely crafted Eden, confronts utopia and delivers his personal manifesto for artistic practice. Keeping an eye on this young upcoming artist, for anyone to witness his artwork makes it worthwhile.

Napoleon Brousseau has strong presence with painting, as well is Wing Yee Tong with Sculpture, so is Ivana Kalezic and Yuan Carlos Noria.