JUNE 08 - JULY 15, 2017
Reception; June 8, 2017, 5-8pm


We live in the digital information age.

Increasingly, we spend more time online

or organizing our lives and information

about who we are online. We create

digital avatars of ourselves as a result

of being in the internet age, ‘The

performance of the self continues on

the net... It’s a media-specific mask

of the self, created within Facebook’s

prescribed parameters and under

certain contractual terms of use. It’s

basically an avatar 2.0’ (Mark Butler).

The word ‘Avatar’ is the Hindi

pronunciation of the Sanskrit term

‘avatara’ which means ‘to descent

from’ and therefore ‘incarnation’. In

this sense, avatars can be described

as incarnations of ourselves online.

We live in digital spheres as digital

representations of ourselves that

we have created. This show is an

exploration of the boundary between

the physical and digital plane, which is

growing remarkably thin in our minds.

All the work produced for this exhibition

is digital and inspired by the world

of online avatars. The digital work in

this exhibition is brought to tangible

perception through the use of light

projection. It is a cross-over of digital

3D characters, into the real and physical