Cluster "Obiter dictum"


Oscar Figueroa

Paulina Wiszowata

Cluster "Obiter dictum"

3 April 2014 to 3 May 2014

Reception: Thursday 3 April 2014, 4pm - 7pm

statement / Paulina Wiszowata

My Nest: Robert Kananaj Gallery Nest

For the duration of Cluster “Obiter dictum”, Paulina Wiszowata, in a position to find herself nested at the window space of Robert Kananaj Gallery, infiltrates this art institutional space beyond display, by manifesting a collaborative project. The artist intends to be part of an impact, in space as well as the individuals who interact each in a unique way with the artist. The performance highlights the artist’s attention to low-key factors as an important part of her existence. Art Objects (Ma Babies), a cluster of the artist’s previous work, looms above the space in the anticipation that the artist will incubate something. The window space is brought by Paulina into being a working three dimensional Art Object (Baby).