“9th Anniversary RKG”
31 July - 12 September, 2020

Painting, drawing, sculpture, photography

Francesco Albano, Silvia Argiolas, Agron (Gon) Bregu, Michael Davey, Wolfgang Eckers, Bruce Eves, Oscar Figueroa, Istvan Kantor, Natalia Laluq, Emmanuel Monzon, Ekow Nimako, Bruce Parsons, Jim Picco, Daniel Segrove, HowardArthur Tweedie

Since its inception, Robert Kananaj Gallery has given emphasis to the artist’s practice.  The better part of this year spent with Covid-19, peculiar as it might appear to compare  any good about it to art-making, has for our generation highlighted how much we rely on each other and how important it is not to take for granted what we all always have had, and still have. The pandemic has no preconceived notions, no pettiness; you have to deal with the real thing. And so with art.

There is something profound revealed in how we as a society and as individuals deal with unusual situations. We haven’t chosen this unusual situation of the pandemic, but certainly we are invited to make the best choices we can. In art, this is actually the nucleus of making. Rather than weaving intellectual webs which often entrap, art that  embraces immediacy and spontaneity shares the unique voice that is in each of us.

Art-making involves comfort and discomfort. Parallels of discomfort can be drawn between Covid-19 and art-making. On the other hand, comfort is not how much we get used to the practice of making art, or dealing with the pandemic respectively, but seeing how much facing Covid-19 reveals the potential of the artist as a human being.

The declaration of lockdown has presented challenges socially and artistically. We had to decide whether to treat the gallery as a redundant entertainment venue for times such as these, or to facilitate and utilize this reality like every individual in society does, as the artist does in their practice coping with these uncharted waters.