In or Out the Box

Clara Bacou David Van Drunen Matthew Green Robert Kananaj Szonja Vucsetics

This exciting collection of work by these artists of Robert Kananaj Gallery explores subject matter that ranges from mortality, to the natural and the fantastical, to life and experience as contemplation of wonder “in or out the box.”
Clara Bacou combines the innocence of the animal form, often with urgent and psychedelic colours; a fusion of the natural and artificial that reflects the source of inspiration: the urban buzz of Camden Town, London. David Van Drunen explores faith and confronts fears of death with abstract narratives. Robert Kananaj and Matthew Green, in collaboration, present an installation of mathematical and constructional complexity. Szonja Vucsetics’s work is evocative of an overlapping of fantasy and reality, which provides a self-reflexive experience of human life.