Robert Kananaj & David Van Drunen


13 February 2014 to 29 March 2014

Reception: Thursday 13 February 2014, 4pm to 7pm

"Transcend" started a year ago; a collaboration between David Van Drunen and Robert Kananaj. Painting and sculpture installation brought together around a mutual interest of recycled doors as a subject of interest. This lead to the project, "Transcend", using doors as an entry - exit point. Two door collaborative pieces were conceived, "Back to Back" and"Transcend". The dynamic of painted door surfaces by Van Drunen are strong enough to resist anchored mirrors in between them, both installations by Kananaj. The entry point of the show is a free standing up, ready - found  wooden door, as it is open, mirror clustering on its base, installation by Robert Kananaj, after two window pieces also by Robert. One, perhaps collapsed mirror door from the weight of joy, structured by colourful drinking shots towering on fragmented mirrors among almost dizzy background of colourful beads framed by two eight feet 4”x4” wooden beams flame scorched on the top surface. The other window is cluster of ping pong balls hanging above prefabricated coloured metal squares, bundled by plastic ties. Centre piece is David’s 1 foot by 21 foot long “Trinity” piece, a painting where a particular narrative is breathing in a free flow paint on canvas, displayed in a folded version, as a scroll of book - painted of  “Trinity”, like a book of Revelation.