Writing Abstracts

18 October to 15 November 2014

Reception Saturday 18 October 2014, 6pm to 9pm

Christopher Lori, Jordan Seals Project

oil on panel or canvas
 / love supreme for a dead regime / (sculpting in oil)

or I can however offer some formal observations on the current and recent demands the work makes of me. or recent resumption of oil completely monopolized the direction of my production, in a most “attributes of the medium” sculptural tone.

Recent work seems sonorous to my Interest in clerical and monastic elements of medieval art and Roman fresco.

The aesthetic of surface-noise nostalgia with its measured erosion, and relentless images of scholastic meditation attract and seduce me. I seem to force this attrition with application of oil as much as within the strange beauty of terrain.

Art clean via Isolation, secular in its archaic devotion, seduction in full swing / the three Graces in a world where life is cheap. Influences surrounding my arena of consumption are admittedly mostly contaminated projections.  Need, desire and the limits of articulation determine my relation with value of beauty. How it propagates what is referenced outside those doors,… you tell me.